Prime Time

Monthly Tuition Plan


Five, 1/2 Hour Lessons

Minimum Monthly Payment of $120.00

Select an additional 1/2 hour lesson time in a four week month

No Pro-Rata Payments

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Payment Policies

Monthly tuition rate

Monthly tuition is paid irrespective of the student's weekly attendance:

Each month, tuition is paid without pro-rating or bumping forward.

Make-ups and reschedules due to injuries, illness and vacations are available within four weeks of the original lesson.

Monthly tuition must be paid on or before the first of the month:

The monthly tuition payment must be received on or before the first week of the month in order to retain the lesson times published on the website schedule.

Monthly tuition must be paid consecutively:

When a student decides to skip a month, and tuition is not paid for the hiatus; the student's lesson time will be opened-up on the schedule and made available to new students. In order to return to lessons, the monthly tuition must be paid in advance in order to secure a new lesson time on the schedule.

Prime Time lessons are offered at a flat rate of five, half hour lessons for $110.00 per month.

During a four week month, students may select a fifth lesson from available times listed on the weekly schedules.


To encourage students to schedule their lessons on Friday evening, there is the Friday After Five tuition plan.

The lessons after five o'clock on Friday (5:30, 6:30 & 7:30) are offered at a flat monthly rate of $130.00. This includes a free half hour of lesson time.

The extra half hour is 'tagged' specifically to that student and specifically to that day's lesson.

This tuition plan is assigned to a single student and cannot be used for multiple students.


To encourage adult students to schedule large blocks of early afternoon time, there is the Twelve for Two at 2:00 tuition plan.

Any combination of twelve, 1/2 hour lessons can be scheduled centering around the 2:00 time slot Monday through Friday.

(The most likely options would be a choice of four, 90 minute lessons or six hour lessons.)

This plan is offered at a flat monthly rate of $200.00.

Enrollment in this tuition plan is available to any adult student & all advanced students who have studied at Upscale for at least two years.

The scheduled lesson times must originate from the 2:00 time slot and must be adjacent on the schedule.

Prime Time slots may be utilized for hour (or longer)  lessons but the Prime Time slots used can be no later than 3:30 in the afternoon.

This tuition plan is assigned to a single student and cannot be used for multiple students.


Other than the Friday After Five and Twelve for Two at 2:00, there are no discounts for hour lessons or multiple students.

Hour lessons during Prime Time are double the half hour rate.

Pro-rata payments or bumping paid lessons forward into an unpaid month are not allowed.

Personal checks are the preferred method of payment.

There are no discounts for payment in cash.


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